Secure Freedom With the Help of a Local Bail Bondsman

Secure Freedom With the Help of a Local Bail Bondsman

Contact Columbus, Houston, Starkville, Aberdeen & West Point, MS's Leigh's Bail Bonding Co

If a friend or a family member is in jail and need assistance, contact Leigh's Bail Bonding Co. We will help you secure bail and get them released fast! Our bail agents will post bond at a rate of 10% for local residents. You can put up collateral on the jailed party's behalf to secure their release and will get it back once their case has been resolved. We guarantee all court appearances.

Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Mississippi, so you can rest easy knowing our bail bonds are guaranteed. Call or come by Leigh's Bail Bonding Co if you're in need of bail assistance.

Be prepared when seeking bail

Columbus, Mississippi's Leigh's Bail Bonding Co has assisted local residents and out-of-towners with their bail needs since 1988. We also serve the Starkville, MS. When you call us, you'll need to be prepared to answer a series of questions, including:

  • What are they being charged with?
  • Do they have any FTAs (failure to appear in court) on their record?
  • How much is their bail?
  • What is the arrested individual's full name and booking number?
  • What jail are they being held custody in?

Our bail agents will determine the best course of action once we have this basic information. Contact Leigh's Bail Bonding Co to learn more.